Research profile

The Department of Mathematics of Saarland University has eight research areas and currently 20 professors, including 2 joint professorships with the Department of Informatics (indicated by a * in the list below). In alphabetical order, our research areas are:

Algebra, geometry and number theory

Applied analysis

Mathematical data analysis

Functional analysis

Mathematics and didactics


  • Sen. Prof. Alfred Louis (Inverse problems, financial mathematics, computer tomography)
  • Prof. Sergej Rjasanow (Numerics for partial differential equations, Boltzmann equations, rand element methods)
  • Prof. Thomas Schuster (Inverse problems, defect detection for elastic structures, vector tomography, industrial applications)


We have close regional cooperations including regular joint seminar series with Metz (functional analysis), Kaiserslautern (algebraic geometry and computer algebra), Luxembourg (free probability theory), and Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Landau, Mainz and Paderborn (didactics).

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