Colloque interrégional de mathématiques

Colloque interrégional de mathématiques

Saarbrücken 12-13 October 2001

Interregionales Mathematisches Kolloquium

This Coloquium connects the following mathematical departments:

All talks will be given in Hörsaal II of the Mathematics building (Gebäude 27.2), Campus Saarbrücken of the University of the Saarland . Look here for further informations how to get to the Campus Saarbrücken.  


Friday, 12. October

10.00  Begrüßung
10.10  Friedemann Leibfritz (Trier): Optimal static output feedback disign by solving nonlinear semidefinite programming problems.
11.00        - Coffee break -
11.30  Ernst-Ulrich Gekeler (Saarbrücken): Heuristics on elliptic curves over finite prime fields.
12.20        - Lunch break -
14.15  Joseph Winkin (Namur): The spectral factorization problem for distributed parameter systems.
15.15  Pierre Mathonet (Liège): IFFT equivariant quantizations.
16.05        - Coffee break -
16.35  Antoine Henrot (Nancy): Minimization of the eigenvalues of the Laplace-Dirichlet operator.
17.35  Tilmann Wurzbacher (Metz): Topics in infinite dimensional differential geometry.
19.00        - Dinner -

Saturday, 13. October

10.00  Willi Freeden (Kaiserslautern): Multiscale methods in geophysical applications.
10.50        - Coffee break -
11.20  Gérard Lorang (Luxembourg): Sur les temps et les positions indépendentes pour le mouvement brownien.

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