Email: lastname [at]
Phone: +49-681-302-2480
Address: Mathematik und Informatik
Gebäude E.2.4 - Raum: 222
Universität des Saarlandes
66123 Saarbrücken (Germany)
Office hour: by appointment
Research interests:
  • algebraic surfaces, especially K3 and Enriques surfaces
  • irreducible holomorphic symplectic varieties
  • automorphisms and dynamics of surfaces
  • quadratic and hermitian forms and their applications to algebraic geometry
  • Simon Brandhorst, Alberto Cattaneo. Prime order isometries of unimodular lattices and automorphisms of IHS manifolds, arXiv:1912.07119.
  • Simon Brandhorst, Kenji Hashimoto. Extensions of maximal symplectic actions on K3 surfaces, arXiv:1910.05952
  • Simon Brandhorst, Sławomir Rams, Ichiro Shimada. On characteristic polynomials of automorphisms of Enriques surfaces, arXiv:1909.10813
  • Simon Brandhorst, Ichiro Shimada. Borcherds' method for Enriques surfaces, arXiv:1903.01087
  • Simon Brandhorst. On the stable dynamical spectrum of complex surfaces, Math. Ann. to appear, arXiv:1708.06169.


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