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 Dates: Monday, 12:00 (st) - 14:00 (Hs IV, 2.4) + Wednesday, 10:00 (p.m.) - 12:00 (SR 6, 2.4)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Gabriela Weitze-Schmithüsen

contact: weitze [at]
office hours: please contact me by email or just check whether I am here (room 301, E 2.4)

Teaching Assistant: Christian Steinhart

contact: steinhart [at]
office hours: whenever I am here and wednesday 14-16 (room 302,  E 2.4)
Tutorials: thursday 12 (ct) SR2


  • The theory of valuations; the p-adic numbers, local
    elds, higher ramification theory.
  • An outline of class eld theory; ring of adeles and
    idele group.
  • Zeta functions and L-series


The lecture Number Theory I preferably


  • J.W.S Cassels, A. Fröhlich: Algebraic Number Theory
  • H.Koch: Zahlentheorie
  • S. Lang: Algebraic Number Theory
  • J. Neukirch: Algebraic Number Theory




Exercise Sheets:

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