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Lecturer: Juniorprof. Dr. Simon Brandhorst

Office hour Fridays 11 am in MS-Teams.

Assistant:  Nikolaos Tsakanikas

Office hours by appointment.

Registration: Please sign up for the lecture in MS-Teams


Lectures and problem session will be on site and streamed live. To participate on site you must be vaccinated, tested or have recovered from a COVID-19 infection.

  • Lecture: Tuesday 10:15-11:45 building E2.4 HS IV, Wednesday 8:30-10:00 building E2.4 HS IV
  • Problem session (Robin Lahni): Monday 12-14 Zeichensaal U.39

Topics: groups, rings and fields. In particular:

  1. group operations, Sylow-Theorems, solvable groups,
  2. rings and ideals, factorial rings, principal ideal rings, polynomial rings and the lemma of Gauß,
  3. algebraic and transcendental field extensions, degree of a field extension, Galois theory and solvability by radicals,

Prerequisites: Linear Algebra I+II



Our Library has compiled an online collection of books for your convenience.

Exam criteria:

Problem sheets are posed every week. You should solve them and hand in your solutions by Monday 12:00 the following week. You can hand them in online via MS Teams or a postbox in building E2.5. We will correct and grade them.

To pass you need to meet the following criteria: obtain at least 50% of the total points in the problem sheets, and pass the finial exam.