Talks from all areas in functional analysis

Unless otherwise indicated, all talks take place in room lecture room 4 in building E2.4 at 4.00 pm ct.


Christian Budde

Title: Extrapolation spaces and Desch-Schappacher perturbations of bi-continuous semigroups.

Abstract: We construct extrapolation spaces for non-densely defined (weak) Hille-Yosida operators. In particular, we discuss extrapolation of bi-continuous semigroups. As an application we present a Desch-Schappacher type perturbation result for this kind of semigroups. This talk is based on joint work with B. Farkas.


Xumin Wang

Title: Some Fourier multipliers on some discrete groups.

Abstract: here


Sebastian Baltes

Title: Die twisted SU(2) Gruppe, ein Beispiel einer Quantenmatrixgruppe.


Sebastian Toth

Title: Factorizations induced by complete Nevanlinna-Pick factors.


Sebastian Langendörfer

Title: To be announced.