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I left the university in January 2004.

You can still contact me by the given Email-address.

( I try to read my Emails once a week. So be patient please. )

Sprechstunde   --------------
Research interests computational number theory, function fields, algorithmic aspects of Drinfeld modules;
. especially: Galois representations on the torsion points of Drinfeld modules,
 . Distribution properties of the trace of finite Drinfeld modules
Diplomarbeit (Master thesis)  Operationen arithmetischer Untergruppen der GL(3) auf Bruhat-Tits-Gebäuden,  
Saarbrücken 1996 
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Paper Constructing function fields with many rational places via the Carlitz module,
Manuscripta Mathematica 107 (2002) 1, 89-99
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Doktorarbeit (PhD thesis)
Galoisdarstellungen auf den Torsionspunkten von Drinfeld-Moduln des Rangs zwei,  
Saarbrücken 2003
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