Colloquium of the Department of Mathematics
Saarland University

The talks of the departmental colloquium take place on Fridays at 2.15 pm or 4.15 pm
in lecture hall IV, building E2 4.

Some information for the speakers of the Colloquium (PDF file)

Winter term 2018/2019

Colloquia of past terms

Summer term 2018
Winter term 2017/2018
Summer term 2017
Winter term 2016/2017
Summer term 2016
Winter term 2015/2016
Summer term 2015
Winter term 2014/2015
Summer term 2014
Winter term 2013/2014
Summer term 2013
Winter term 2012/2013
Summer term 2012


Weekly calendar of the Department of Mathematics, Saarland University
Research seminar Algebra and Number Theory
Research seminar Free Probability Theory
Research seminar Functional Analysis
Research seminar Mathematical Image Analysis
Research seminar Numerical Mathematics

updated: 17 October 2018   Tobias Mai