Seminar on Moduli of Curves 2


The room has changed:  14h, in SR7, Geb. E2 4.


In this seminar, we will read selected articles of the "Handbook of Moduli". A starting point could be Verra's article "Rational parametrizations of moduli spaces of curves".



The seminar will take place Thursday, 14-16h, in SR7 Geb. E2 4.



Speaker Title Date
Christian Bopp Unirationality of some moduli space of lattice polarized K3 surfaces 28.04.
Isabell Stenger   12.05.
 Hanieh Kaneshlou Deformation of sheaves and vectorbundles 02.06.
 Hanieh Kaneshlou Relative Beilinson monad and direct image for families of coherent sheaves 23.06.
Michael Hoff Osculating cones and generalised theta divisors 14.07.
 David Torres  Orbifold points on Prym-Teichm├╝ller curves in genus four 28.07.





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