Macaulay2-packages marked with a "" are included in the latest Macaulay2 release. We recommend downloading them directly from the Macaulay2 webpage in order to get the newest version of this package.


  Clifford algebra of a pencil of quadratic forms    
  Clifford.m2 Documentation  


Numerical Godeaux surfaces    
  NumericalGodeaux.m2 Documentation  
  Tate resolution on products (version 1.2)
  TateOnProducts.m2   Documentation  
  Birational geometry of a family of determinantal 3-folds    
  supportingFileForDeterminantal3folds.m2 M2-script  
  SVD Complexes    
SVDComplexes.m2 Documentation    
  Random Complexes    
RandomComplexes.m2 Documentation  
  Non-minimal Complexes    
  K3 Carpets    
  Random Curve of genus 9 with a pencil of degree 8    
  RandomCurveOfGenus9WithPencilOfDegree8.m2 Documentation  
  Matrix factorizations and curves in P^4    
  MatFacCurvesP4.m2 Documentation  
  Random curves over finite fields of small characteristic    
  RandomCurvesOverVerySmallFiniteFields.m2   Documentation (additional files and examples)
  Relative Canonical Resolutions    
Documentation  Experimental data
  Matrix factorizations and families of curves of genus 15    
  MatFac15.m2 Documentation  
  k-gonal nodal curves    
  kGonalNodalCurves.m2 Documentation  
  20 Points in P^3    
  GlicciPointsInP3.m2 Documentation  
  A remark on a conjecture of Paranjape and Ramanan    
  ParanjapeRamananQuestion.m2 M2-script  
  Prym Canonical Curves (in progress)    
  KoszulDivisorOnPic14M8.m2 Documentation  
  extrasForTheKernel.m2   Documentation  
  NodalCurves.m2   Documentation  
  PrymCanonicalCurves.m2   Documentation  
  For the Handbook of Moduli: Computer-aided Unirationality Proofs    
  forHandbook.m2 M2-Script  randomCurves.tar.gz
   Varieties of Polar Simplices    
  ACM Curves of Small Degree on Cubic Threefolds    
  ACMCurvesOfSmallDegreeOnCubicThreefolds.m2 M2-Script  
  Computing the higher direct image complex of a coherent sheaf    
  exEllSing.m2 (needs local.m2)    
  Stewart-Gough platforms with motion curve of genus 7    
  StewartGough.m2 M2-Script Maple Worksheet Picture, Animation 1, Animation 2
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