Algebraische Geometrie II


Lectures are on Monday 14-16h (SR 6) and Tuesday 14-16h (SR 10). The room will be announced.

The lecture will be held in german or english.


This course provides an introduction to modern algebraic geometry. The main goal is to develop the language of sheaves, schemes and cohomology theory. We will mostly follow the chapters II and III in the standard text book of Robin Harthorne. The prerequisites for this course are a solid foundation of undergraduate abstract algebra, knowledge of commutative algebra and basic projective geometry as covered in the preceding course on algebraic geometry.


Robin Hartshorne Algebraic Geometry Springer 1977
David Eisenbud Commutative Algebra Springer 1995
David Eisenbud, Joe Harris The Geometry of schemes Springer 2000
David Mumford The red book of varieties and schemes Springer 1988

Further literature will be anounce in the lecture.


  • 4 hours lectures, 2 hours excercise session
  • 9 Credit points
  • 60h hours total time for lectures
  • 30h hours total time for excercises
  • 180h hours total time for self-study


The lectures take place on Monday and Tuesday 16-16h


Regular attendance to exercise sessions. Written or oral exam at the end of term.


schedule for the exercise sessions will be discussed in the first lecture

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