Themenseminar on Real Algebraic Geometry and Free Probability


Real algebraic geometry and free probability



The seminar will take place Tuesday, 16:00h s.t. in seminar room 10, E2 4.

Speaker Title Date
Frank-Olaf Schreyer     
Vinnikov's work; and its origin in Hesse's result on quartic curves and theta characteristics.
Frank-Olaf Schreyer Ulrich bundles 03.11.2015
Johannes Rau Horn's problem and Vinnikov curves 10.11.2015
No seminar   17.11.2015
No seminar   24.11.2015
Christian Bopp Self-adjoint determinantal representations of real plane algebraic curves 01.12.2015
Michael Hoff Signature of self-adjoint determinantal representations 08.12.2015
Roland Speicher Linear matrix inequality representation of sets 15.12.2015
Yoav Len Spectrahedron 05.01.2016
No seminar   12.01.2016
No seminar   19.01.2016
Felix Leid Cohn's approach to the universal field of fractions for non-commutative rings 26.01.2016
Tobias Mai A brief introduction to free analysis 02.02.2016
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