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MatFacCurvesP4 :: MatFacCurvesP4

MatFacCurvesP4 -- Matrix factorizations and curves in P^4


This package implements the methods of the paper 'Matrix factorizations and curves in P^4' and serves as supporting code for the computational proofs it contains. The code needed to verify all the assertions of the paper is provided, as well as an output of its execution.

Main functions

Construction of curves

Betti candidates

Verify all the assertions of the paper


This package requires Macaulay2 Version 1.8 or newer and the package kGonalNodalCurves.m2 by Christian Bopp, which should be installed before this one.



This documentation describes version 1.0 of MatFacCurvesP4.

Source code

The source code from which this documentation is derived is in the file MatFacCurvesP4.m2.