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NodalCurves :: NodalCurves

NodalCurves -- construction of nodal rational curves


What’s new: Minor corrections

Version 0.4.

Overview: Starting from a collection of g pairs of points Pi, Qi the canonical image of the rational curves with nodes at these points is constructed. Similarly, embedding of these curves by the linear series K ⊗L with L an n-torsion bundle is constructed.

One main goal is to verify two conjectures. Conjecture A is the Prym-Green Conjecture on syzygies of Prym canonical curves of even genus g and level n, see Farkas, Ludwig [2008] for small values of g and level n. This works up to genus 16 with the exception of genus (g,n)=(8,2) or (16,2). The case of genus 16 requires a lot of time and memory.

Conjecture B, see Chiodo, Eisenbud, Farkas, Schreyer [2012] (HREF has to be corrected), concerns syzygies of torsion bundles Lk in Prym canonical space P(H0(C,K⊗L) again for curves of even genus.


This package requires Macaulay2 version 1.9 or newer.

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This documentation describes version 0.4.2 of NodalCurves.

Source code

The source code from which this documentation is derived is in the file NodalCurves.m2.