Dr. Tobias Mai
Simon Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Moritz Weber

Seminar on graph theory

(Winter term 2019/2020)


Please hand in your seminar thesis (5-7 pages) before 1 March.
If you haven't done so already, please make sure to communicate your Matrikelnummer to us.

Time and Place

Tuesday, 16:00 - 17:30, SR10


In this seminar we will cover basic notions and more advanced topics in graph theory.

  • 15 October, Simone S. [MW]: (1) Basic definitions and examples (circle graph, Petersen graph, complete graph,...), Handshaking Lemma, König's characterization of bipartite graphs
  • 22 October, Leonard D. [MW]*: (2) Paths, Hamiltonian graphs, Euler graphs
  • 29 October, Niklas M. [SSch]: (3) Adjacency matrix, eigenvalues and spectrum of a graph
  • 5 November, Jasper S. [SSch]: (4) Graph homomorphisms and isomorphisms, characterization of graph isomorphisms by homomorphisms, graph invariants, cospectrality, possibly Clique numbers
  • 12 November, Matias K. [SSch]: (6) Constructions of graphs such as latin squares, Hadamard graphs, Steiner systems, Cayley graphs, products of graphs
  • 19 November, Julien Sch. [SSch]: (7) Coherent algebras, strongly regular graphs and their parameters, distance regular graphs, transitive graphs
  • 26 November, Hyo Jin H. [TM]: (8) Trees I (including spanning trees, Matrix Tree Thm., Cayley's Thm, inclusion/exclusion)
  • 3 December, Mirko St. [TM]: (9) Trees II (including spanning trees, Matrix Tree Thm., Cayley's Thm, inclusion/exclusion)
  • 10 December, Leon Sch. [MW]: (10) Matchings, bipartite graphs
  • 17 December, Marc H. [MW]: (11) Coloring of graphs, chromatic numbers/polynoms, possibly Ramsey numbers
  • 14 January, Luca J. [TM]: (12) Planar graphs, Four and Five Color Thm, characterization of planar graphs by subgraphs
  • 21 January, Anas A. [TM]: (5) Random walks, regular graphs, spectral gap, possibly Ramanujan graphs
  • 28 January, Mirko St. [MW]: Matroids
  • 4 February, Luca J. [TM]: Shannon information theory and capacity
Here, [MW] = supervised by Moritz Weber; [SSch] = supervised by Simon Schmidt; [TM] = supervised by Tobias Mai.
Talks in German are marked by a *.

The seminar is held in English unless all participants speak German. If you feel uncomfortable giving your
talk in English, please indicate to us. Please contact the organizers of the seminar at least two weeks before
the day of your scheduled talk. The talks are generally given on the blackboard and shall be prepared for
60-70 minutes.
There are no prerequisites for the seminar. The talk may or may not include a ``Ausarbeitung'', depending
on your conditions of study and the amount of credit points you aim for.

Announcement of the seminar


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