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Welcome to my homepage.


I am interested in (higher) categories. Currently I am working on prederivators and their relation to other models of homotopy theories. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more.

My thesis was concerned with a pasting theorem for (∞,2)-categories in their incarnation as categories enriched over quasi-categories.

As a student I did some work in computer science on a certain speedup technique for Dijkstra's algorithm. The results can be found in this conference paper, this article and my diploma thesis.


  • Courses
  • I was involved in the supervision of the BSc thesis "Representation of Lax Functors" by Johannes Gloßner in Karlsruhe. In this thesis the category of 2-categories and lax functors is presented as the Cokleisli category of a cofibrant replacement comonad induced by a certain algebraic weak factorisation system on the category of 2-categories and strict 2-functors.
  • In Karlsruhe I was also involved in the organisation of seminars on "Categorical Tannaka duality" and "Topoi/Toposes". We wrote some kind of proceedings for both seminars that you should ask me about if you are interested.


You can reach me at "firstname dot lastname at posteo dot de"

The fingerprint of my public PGP/GPG key is AFA0 C21E A1F2 E72E 3955  69B5 1DE8 EB76 A64E 7240.