PD Dr. Yana Kinderknecht
Prof. Dr. Moritz Weber

22nd Internetseminar on Ergodic Theorems

(Winter term 2018/2019)


The next meeting is on Thursday, 8 November, on lecture 2.
There will be no lecture on 1 November.

Time and Place

Thursday, 14:30-16:00, SR9 (room 319, building E2 4)
(except for 17 January 2019)


The script will be provided here.

The motivation from physics for ergodic theory is to understand the motion of a gaz in a box over the time.
Mathematically, this amounts to studying a certain linear operator on a vector space, the Koopman operator
and we may then employ techniques from operator theory. In the 22nd Internetseminar we will get to know
several ergodic theorems.

In order to get an impression of what ergodic theory is about, take a look here.

Announcement of the seminar

About the Internetseminar

The Internetseminar on Functional Analysis was founded by the functional analysis group in Tübingen in 1997
and is held since then every year. Teams from all over the world are participating (last year, 146 universities
from 40 countries were involved).
This year, lecture notes will be provided electronically every week, by Tanja Eisner (Leipzig) and
Balint Farkas (Wuppertal). We read and discuss these notes together in our local seminar. There will be an
online exchange with participants from other universities, so we will be part of a virtual seminar with many
other places. See here or also here.

The seminar is held in English. The Internetseminar aims at students on a higher level (second or third year
Bachelor's students, Master's students or PhD students) having some basic background in functional analysis.

For students who are interested, there will also be a phase 2 of the seminar from March to June 2019, where
small and internationally mixed groups work on a specific research project. The results are then presented on
a workshop in June, where all participants of the participating institutions come together.
The project from the second phase can be taken as a basis for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis.

See also here for the past 21nd Internetseminar on Functional Calculus.


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