SVD Complexes

SVDComplexes.m2                           Documentation

Random Complexes

RandomComplexes.m2                           Documentation

Non-minimal Complexes

NonminimalComplexes.m2                           Documentation

K3 Carpets

K3Carpets.m2                           Documentation

Random Curve of genus 9 with a pencil of degree 8

RandomCurveOfGenus9WithPencilOfDegree8.m2                            Documentation

Matrix factorizations and curves in P^4

MatFacCurvesP4.m2                            Documentation  

Tate resolution on products (in progress)

TateOnProducts.m2                              Documentation

Random curves over finite fields of very small characteristic (in progress)

RandomCurvesOverVerySmallFiniteFields.m2                              Documentation            (additional files and examples)

Relative Canonical Resolutions

RelativeCanonicalResolution.m2                              Documentation

Matrix factorizations and families of curves of genus 15

MatFac15.m2                                       Documentation

k-gonal nodal curves

kGonalNodalCurves.m2                       Documentation

20 Points in P^3

GlicciPointsInP3.m2                             Documentation

A remark on a conjecture of Paranjape and Ramanan


Prym Canonical Curves (in progress)

KoszulDivisorOnPic14M8.m2              Documentation

extrasForTheKernel.m2                      Documentation

NodalCurves.m2                                 Documentation

PrymCanonicalCurves.m2                  Documentation

For the Handbook of Moduli: Computer-aided Unirationality Proofs



Varieties of Polar Simplices

VarietyOfPolarSimplices.m2               Documentation

ACM Curves of Small Degree on Cubic Threefolds


Computing the higher direct image complex of a coherent sheaf



    exEllSing.m2 needs local.m2

Construction of Stewart-Gough platforms with motion curve of genus 7


The Macaulay2 script StewartGough.m2 and the Maple Worksheet provide the routines for the construction of an exceptional Stewart-Gough platform with motion curve of genus 7.

Animations of such a mechanism can be found here and here.

© AG Schreyer