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Prof. Dr. Roland Speicher

Felix Leid

Non-Commutative (Algebraic) Geometry

(Winter Semester 2017/2018)



Monday, 10 -- 12,   and   Thursday, 12 -- 14
Lecture Hall IV, Building E2 4

Classical spaces (e.g., topological, measurable, geometric) can be encoded via functions on those spaces; and very often classical mathematical theories can be re-formulated in terms of the algebras of these functions. Clearly those function algebras are commutative. Non-commutative versions of these theories consist then in giving up the requirement of commutativity of the algebras, but keeping as much as possible of the remaining structures and ideas. Non-commutative geometry is such a non-commutative version of classical algebraic geometry. Whereas classical algebraic geometry deals with solutions of systems of equations in commuting variables by looking on corresponding commutative algebras, non-commutative algebraic geometry is trying to deal with equations in non-commuting variables by looking on non-commutative algebras in a similar way. At the moment there are many bits and pieces of such a theory, but the final picture has still to be found. We will address various pieces, like:
  • non-commutative linear algebra
  • non-commutative Nullstellensaetze and Positivstellensaetze
  • Hochschild cohomology
  • cyclic (co)homology
  • spectral triples a la Connes
  • non-commutative geometry a la Kontsevich/Rosenberg
Some of those are quite abstract modern topics, but we will take a more naive approach, trying to focus more on concrete examples and calculations. So some knowledge in algebraic geometry or functional analysis might be helpful, but is not necessarily required.

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